onsdag 19 januari 2011

"knife in the water"

"with age comes beauty" isnt true for most things in modern society, but ive noticed, that when you put some effort in finding artefacts with a true origin, and solid craftmanship, it pays off in the end. The pleasure i get from slicing herbs or cutting just anything with my chefs knife is worth telling you. The thing is, choosing a carbon forged knife is somewhat like deciding on getting a pet, its a commitment for a long period of time. Carbon is an organic material, that is sensitive to the passing of time and is very soft compared to steel, so it needs sharpening a lot more often, but on the other hand its easier to sharp, and is that really a problem? I like sharpening my knife before i start cooking, helps me get in that Bocuse mood. The other thing with carbon is that its sensitive to water, so you cant use the dishwasher, which is good, and the aestetics, as the blade gets used, it stains and shifts in colour, it truly gets even more beautiful the more you use it, and that, isnt common today.

My knife is a Sabatier K 8" chiefs knife from producers Aîné & Perrier in Thiers, France.

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