tisdag 6 april 2010

Components of beauty: 1

"The slept-in shirt"

One of the signature pieces of the decadent look is the wrinkled shirt. I prefer the colour white, mainly because it is the best for the slept in look, wrinkles and stains will highlight themselves on a white shirt much like an expressionist artists rich slabs of colour on a blank canvas. The white dress shirt also has the ability of versatility, it can give its owner a certain air of elegance so that with a white shirt on you could easily blend in with the aristocrats, and at the same time its highly functional at the low end bar or with the hipsters on the street corner. But i think the white shirt looks its best after a couple of days usage, the sharp white colour gets a little dampend and that makes the feeling of being overdressed dissapear. Cotton is the quality of choice.

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