måndag 5 april 2010

Le Style Négligé

"When something starts to fall apart, things change"
Browsing thru the works of Christopher Alexander you realise that its first after we humans take something in possesion that we start to feel comfortable with it. This is much true when it comes to buildings and landscapes but its also true for the things we wear, the things we read, the things we see and the things we hear. Psychology would explain this phenenoma as " the mere exposure effect", the more you´re exposed to certain stimuli, the more you come to like them. Take a moment to think about the things you love in your life, are the melodies of your childhood still lingering in the songs you listen to on your Ipod? The familiar gives the promise of security which in turn gets your guard down. The other side to this story is the fact that to the outer world, your love of certain objects makes you recognizable, wear your favorite jacket until it falls apart and everyone will know what to expect, no surprises. This is consistency and leds to the merging of owner and object. Now the owner of the object posses the qualitys of the object and vice versa. So smoke Gitanes all your life and you will become a part of history

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